Street Atlas (or Battleship) grids in QGIS 2.18

ICES rectangle map

Another guest blog from Liam Mason, based on his lightning talk at the 8th Scottish QGIS user group. You can follow Liam on Twitter via @marinemaps

D5. Miss.

A2. Hit. You’ve sunk my battleship! 🙁

If you’ve used a street atlas or played the boardgame Battleship, you’ll be familar with grid systems using letters for the horizontal (x) coordinate and numbers for vertical (y) coordinate.

Whilst these grids don’t have the resolution of a coordinate system like latitude/longitude or eastings/northings, they allow readers to quickly identify where a street is located on an atlas, or a ship on a boardgame.

Battleship boardgame
Battleship is now geohipster, embracing the hexgrid

Creating these type of grids in QGIS takes advantage of the grid options in composer, the @gridnumber attribute, and a wee bit of maths. Continue reading “Street Atlas (or Battleship) grids in QGIS 2.18”