Advanced Label Halos in QGIS 3.x

WHite text with blended and blurred Halos

Well positioned and styled labels shouldn’t need halos, but this isn’t always possible. When you have a lot of labels to add and you’re putting them over raster data you can’t use automatic detection of features between layers.  Manually moving each label can be out of the question if you have thousands, so what do you do? The answer is add to add a halo, allowing the text to become legible even if it is overlying something the same colour.

White text with no halos

However, adding a pure black or white halo to your text isn’t always a good look, even if it does make the text legible. Also in many cases might not even be needed as there is enough contrast with the background. Continue reading “Advanced Label Halos in QGIS 3.x”

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